Winter 3.0

This season, we’ve looked to the future to inspire our designs and our practices. Utilitarianism and minimalism are at the heart of the collection, but more importantly, so is sustainability.

We are in a constant pursuit to seek new and innovative ways and technologies we can use to create sustainable fashion that does not harm our environment to ensure that we have a future. We discovered and used several cutting-edge fabrics in our collection, 70% of which is environmentally friendly. Fibres made from glass waste have been transformed into a lustrous fabric, we’ve used dyes that reduce carbon footprint and impart pigment from natural ingredients like wine, rice and bamboo charcoal, and used TECHTWEED, a wool alternative that mimics its look and feel but is easier to care for.

Our clothes this season are minimalistic, optimising form, comfort and function with an emphasis on ease of movement. This collection features lightweight layers that add warmth without creating bulk, as well as classic styles reimagined in sustainable fabrics. A utilitarian colour scheme permeates the collection; you’ll find plenty of forest green, black and navy but also pops of merlot, chartreuse and burgundy add an unexpected touch of rebellion.