Sensor Reversible Coat

Sensor Reversible Coat

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Winter 21

Thermal Black Print


As statement-making as it is snug, the Sensor Reversible Coat is for those who like a pop of colour and are reluctant to leave their comforter at home. The coat is fashioned from insulating 3M ™ Thinsulate™ fabric and sports a pattern on one side inspired by a thermal image of the earth. (Turn this around if you are feeling the need for something more monochrome). Completed with luxuriously soft regentated leather details and hideaway interior pockets for all your daily must-haves. At ankle length, this weather-blocking wonder lets you waltz through streets clouded in comfort.

  • Highlights the effect of global warming, with design inspired by thermal imaging of the earth
  • Insulated with Lightweight 3M ™ Thinsulate™ for warmth
  • Elevated neckline
  • Cinched sleeves
  • Interior pockets house essentials
  • With cleaning cloth for glasses and screens
  • Reversible
  • Full-length to ankle fit
  • Available in Thermal Print / Black